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Program Usage
VS-Code General Porpuse Text-Editor with
  • a nice GUI,
  • a great and big Plugin-System for Programming, Themes, or even simple Linters for the MediaWiki-Syntax,
  • Auto-Caching of unsaved Files (like in Notepad++) and
  • available for any OS (Program build using Electron(js))

Extensions in use:

Jetbrains' IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate My favorite IDE for Java/Web-Development with
  • an overwhelming Amount of Features (e.G: Automatic-Generation of Getters/Setters/Constructors/toString/..., Bytecode-Previewer, awesome Debugger, built-in decompiler, Grails support, Complete-Text-Search, awesome working Renamer/Searcher of Files and even Literals - which finds all right occurences, even in comments or strings) and
  • an even bigger Plugin-System and Customization-Possibilities
Jetbrains' CLion My favorite C++ IDE which has all the Stuff which I like most about IntelliJ, but for C++ Programs
Visual Studio C++ IDE (Only in use to follow along with most C++ related Tutorials because most of them use VS)
Arduino IDE IDE for programming with the Arduino Micro Controller


Program Usage
JDGUI fast, standalone, Open-Source Java-Decompiler with many nice features (Drag and Drop, supports CLASS/JAR/WAR/EAR/ZIP-files, color-coded preview of decompiled source-code with class-hierarchy, ... ). Available for any OS. (Java/Groovy-Program)
Git Favored Version Control System (VCS)
GitKraken-Client Awesome Git-GUI with a massive Amount of Features and a very modern/crazy? design etc. (Update June 2021: They've introduced an Monthly Subscription Model. No longer using it because I'm to poor for their model ;) )
SVN (Subversion) Version Control System (VCS) used in my companies' intern branch
SmartSVN The only way one can use SVN without headaches. Awesome License-Plan: Buy it one time, have it forever - Only need to buy a new License if one wants to use a version that comes out 2 years later after current version.
VioletUML Basic UML Editing, available for any OS (Java-Program) The BEST and most multi-Purpose Diagram-Making Software in existence. Works on every Computer, even in the Web.
XAMPP preferred LAMP-Stack with useful add-on programs like phpMyAdmin, available for any OS (XAMPP stands for: Cross Plattform, Apache Webserver, MariaDB, Perl und PHP)

Favored Versions of Programming Languages/Frameworks

Program Usage
Java 8
Python 3.6 (PEP 484 is love. I am a strong defender of the benefits of strong typing!)
Grails 3


Program Usage
Discord The best cross-platform chat app for text, video and voice chat - used by more than 250 million people worldwide. It's like the best of Skype and TeamSpeak³ combined, but all for free and every platform (Everyone can create his own community server, totally for free with a lot of settings, permissions, groups, bots, and much more.).

Yes, I know that Discord may not be the most secure Chatting Application. But who cares? I treat every message and every Chat with the Reaility in mind that anybody could potentially screenshot and read it, and so should you!




Favored Web-Browsers

I still use Mozilla because Chromium based browser seem to lag with my Nextcloud or when I'm on older machines with not that much RAM. Also, Firefox has some niche extensions I yet have not found on Chrome.

Rainmeter Used to customize the Windows-Desktop with Widgets

My Widget-Packs in use:

Update: I am a simpler man now. I prise an empty desktop with a nice Wallpaper, and just a nice Wallpaper.

OBS Studio Open-Source-Software for recording Videos and broadcasting Livestreams
PuTTY Favored SSH-Client (Secure Shell Protocol for ~Remote Console Access~).
SuperPuTTY Wrapper for PuTTY in which one can maintain multiple SSH/RDP-Sessions in one window. Each Session is represented by a Tab. Only available for Windows, though!
Remmina RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP, SPICE and SSH-Client for POSIX Systems.
FileZilla Favored, customizeable and widely-used FTP-Client (File-Transfer Protocol)
FortiExplorer for Windows

(Development Discontinued)

FortiExplorer allows one to have access to the FortiOS setup wizard, Web-based Manager, and a simulated CLI console by connecting the PC to a Fortinet Device that has a USB-AB Port. It's a standalone Application that also installs some brand-own drivers for this communication. It was discontinued in 2016 but is still available for download on their Support Website (Login needed).
TeamViewer Remote Control Software used nearly everywhere and known by nearly everyone
Videolan's VLC Media Player Media Player for .vlc-Files (OBS-Studio exports as .vlc)
Lightshot (PRNTSCR) Simple Screenshot Software that has exactly the right amount of features (I hate the cluttered Greenshot)
PicPick All-in-one Graphic Design, Screen Capture Software, Image Editor, Color Picker, Pixel Ruler and More.

Started using it when i started to make pictures for my text-tutorials. (Lightshot is more for "quick screenshots")

Sagethumbs 2 Program which extends the Preview-Icon-Functionality of Windows's Explorer with an enormous amount of formats (One of my favorite use cases: PSD (Photoshop Files))
Qoppa's PDFStudio PRO THE BEST PDF Editing Software, available for all major OS (Java Application)!

It has got everything you can do with a PDF, and even more. Some of my main use cases are: Bookmarking (scanned) PDFs, Merging/Splitting PDF's WHILE keeping all the bookmarks (I wouldn't use this program without this 2 features), OCR with After-Editing features, Conversion to/from other formats.

Outlook Favored E-Mail Client. I especially like it for its Export-to-File Functionality.


Program Usage
Media Encoder Video-Converter.
Camera Raw Plugin for Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Bridge to handle RAW-Pictures.
Premiere (Pro)

Security/Privacy Tools

Program Usage
1Password Favored Secret-Manager. (Not only Passwords)
NordVPN Favored VPN, available for all Platforms.
Windows Defender Favored Antivirus for Windows.
Cisco Packet Tracer Powerful networking simulation tool. Used in my School and many others. The best way to learn about networking, routing, switching, how the TCP/OSI-Layers and Packets work (You can inspect and watch the process and steps an individual packet goes through - on each Layer - and see why something (doesnt) work), etc...
nmap Free and open source, nearly-all-plattform (It is a CLI-Tool, but I use it only with its (official) GUI named "Zenmap"), portable utility for network discovery and security auditing.
Wireshark "The world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer which lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions."

Image Flashers

Program Usage
Balena's Etcher Cross-Plattform Image Flashing Utility for SD-Cards as well as USB-Mediums (Program build upon Electron(js) for Cross-Platform usability)
Rufus Windows-Only Image Flasing Utility for USB-Mediums
Windows Media Creation Tool Tool which allows one to download the latest Windows ISO to a File or to directly burn it to an USB-Thumbdrive.

Computer Management Utilities

Program Usage
HiSuite Huawei's "Android Device Manager" used to manage, backup and restore all files on a Huawei Smartphone
Razer Synapse 3 Razer's Laptop Control Software
Logitech Gaming Software 9 Logitech's Keyboard Control-Software
Logitech Options If one is on Windows 10 and plugs in a Logitech Mouse, a pop-up (like the one known from most Antivirus Softwares) appears which hints one to install this Software.
Intel XTU Intel's "Extreme Tuning Utility" lets you tune, overview and benchmark like every parameter a cpu can possibly have (And it isn't software-level-configuration. It is configuring the cpu parameters itself - so they stay until a system-crash (like BSOD) occurs and resets them to their defaults). I mostly use it for undervolting Laptop CPU's and to check if a CPU is Power-Throtteling.
Intel DSA Intel's "Driver Support Assistent" finds the newest Drivers of Intel Hardware (like WiFi or Blueetooth) for a given Computer.
MSI Afterburner Universal Graphics-Card Control-Software with many Features like showing Hardware-Informationen, displaying the current Temperature/Perfomance using a HUD or even controlling the Clock-Speeds of the GPU
HWINFO Advanced System Monitoring Utility - including Temperatures and Clockspeeds of every Hardware of every core
CCleaner Computer and Registry Cleaner (Used on rare occasions)
Duplicate Cleaner Pro BEST Duplicate Cleaning Application
CrystalDiskMark Most wide-spread and long established Disk Perfomance Benchmark (Can also benchmark my NAS with the feature to select a specific Folder)
CrystalDiskInfo (Never really used it, but it also comes from CrystalMark and is trusted to be one of the best Inspection Program for Hard Drives, which is why I have it installed.)


Program Usage
Steam Game-Hub for
  • Anno 2205
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Bloons TD Battles
  • Bloons TD 5
  • Borderlands 2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Don't Starve Together
  • Factorio
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  • Shellshock Live
  • Space Engineers
  • Stronghold Crusader 2
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
BattleNET-Launcher Game-Hub for Overwatch
Ubisoft Connect Game-Hub for Anno and R6.
Minecraft My favourite game of all time <3.
  • Clients
    • ...
  • Recource-Packs:
  • Shaders
  • Mod-Packs
    • FTB-Lite - Good old #MegaProjekt-Times, hottests Modpack for me with a lot of technology / energy and even magic stuff
    • Tekkit Lite - Similar to FTB-Lite, but without magic
    • Tekkit-Classic - Most awesome Skyblock-Idea of all time which i fell in love with:
      • Concept: Nearly each block in the game has a "material-value". Using a magic table or chest, you can transform your farmed items into this value, store it, and also exchange it back into items that match your gathered value.
      • You can build automated farms to harvest the value and exchange them into the items you want (e.G: Tubes for Item-Transport, Redstone that can stick to side of blocks, Block-Breakers, "Solar-like Panels" which turn sun-energy into the material-value, and much more...)
      • The Modpack includes a big amount of Mods from Tekkit-Lite with energy but also adds lots of magic (e.G: A ring that lets you fly freely at the cost of the mentioned material-value)
      • Onliest Problem: Old Minecraft Version (1.2.5)
Oculus Quest Link Official Software by Oculus used in combination with a combatible USB3-Cable to connect my Oculus Quest with the Power of my PC - To play all Games playable on the Oculus Rift or any other App on my computer.

Android Apps


Program Usage
Google Calendar Cross-Platform and simple to use Calendar - available for every OS (even a Web-App), simply integrateable in any App using Google's Calendar API
Google Maps Cross-Platform and simple to use Map - available for every OS (even a Web-App), simply integrateable in any App using Google's Map API. Emphasizing Features / What I like about it:
  • It contains almost every facility - each with detailed, quick accesable information (e.G: opening hours, at which time there will likely be many people, the Website linked with the Facility, is it Wheelchair accessible, how much does the hotel cost, etc.)
  • Every user can contribute to the map by adding Information about certain Facilitys at a certain location, or even "create" a new facility
  • Every user can contribute by commiting a review of a certain facility using a "0 to 5 Stars" Rating System with attachable (360* or normal) Images.
  • Traffic Jam gets shown when driving. (Either it is being calculated using the anonymously shared background-Information from other devices or Google Maps is being informed by local news or other drivers directly?)
  • Active Building Sites as well as the ability to choose between Highway or not Highway are included when calculating the perfect route.
  • You can save Streets/Facilitys, give them a special labels (e.G. "Home", "Work" or "Best Friend") and categories (e.G. "Favored", "Want to visit")
  • The whole UI is minimalistic and materialistic. Anyone can use it - even if you just want to know "What's the opening Time for ****" - you can just google the exact sentence you would ask a stranger and google fetches you the answer using the data collected by google maps
  • Programmers like me can simply integrate a "Map-View" showing a certain building in our App or even Website
  • You can choose between different views (Even a View from the Satelite - almost like in Google Earth, or Terrain-Highlighting View)
  • Mosts Places can be "visited/viewed as if you stand there" using captured 360* Camera-Footage from either Google or even normal user uploads (So called Google Street View)
  • You can see where you were in the past
Huawei Wear Google's Recommended App to setup/manage my Huawei Smartwatch
Google News Preferred App that collects Headlines from multiple News-Companies and shows you those which fit to your Profile (You can easily say "I do (not) want more of Category X" or "Do (not) show me an article like this for the next few times" or "I do (not) want to read articles from [Source]" etc.)
Gerät finden Smartphone/Tablet/Smart-Watch finder which allows me to
  • track the devices location,
  • force them to make a sound,
  • see the battery life and network status,
  • lock it down or even
  • delete all data on it.
Google Contacts Online (Cloud) Contact Manager in which every Person can have a fully detailed Portfolio (aka. many Fields) and custom added Tags for even more Categorization matters.
Gboard Favored Android-Keyboard wich supports Glide-Typing and has got some neat settings for customization of the looks and interactions.
Google Assistant Favored Mobile Voice Assistant.


Program Usage
Discord Mobile-App of Discord.

Most awesome feature: If I want to log-in to my Account on another device, I use my smartphone to scan a QR-Code twice (first-time it opens Discord in its own scanning mode, and the second time Discord does its thing), click OK on my Phone and I'm logged in.

Twitter Favored Social Media Platform where users can post short messages/status updates, so called "tweets". A Tweet can be liked, re-posted (retweeted) and commented.
Life360 Family Locator, GPS Tracker with Notification Messages
Reddit Wasting Time and some News. No - I don't use it for porn or watch-people-dying.

Update 2021: Don't use it. Stop wasting time on phone with no meaning. You'll feel less depressed.

Patreon Patreon is a social platfrom where users can support their favorite creators for making the stuff they're crazy about.
WhatsApp THE most widely-known Internet-Messaging-Platform one can think of. Features include chat-groups, voice-calls, video-calls, end-to-end encrypted chat with one person, chat-backups, sending all kinds of media within chats, being spyed on by Facebook, etc.
Threema Like a paid version of WhatsApp, but with more encryption and anonymity made in Switzerland. Used by my current company, for example.


Program Usage
1Password Android-App for 1Password, my favored Password Manager.
Google Authenticator Recommended 2FA App
Meine smartID 2FA App needed to validate Transactions or Login with my locale bank institution.
Microsoft Authenticator 2FA App needed for Office 365.


Program Usage
Enki Used for learning/starting out on new Programming Languages/Paradigmas or other IT-Related Stuff like Linux
Duolingo Used for learning new Languages
Untis Mobile Used to look up the current Timetable and upcoming Tests in higher schools
Wikipedia Native (feeling?) Wikipedia where you offline-store pages and view your timeline. Dark-Mode is pretty nice too.


Program Usage
Net Analyzer (Pro) Multi-Functional Network Diagnosis Tool with an overwhelming amount of features, including:
  • A Wifi-Signal meter with a visual Representation showing which Wifi takes up/overlaps with which signal-band
  • A LAN Scanner to see who is using my Network + WOL Ability
  • A tool similiar to the linux netstat-Command to see network connections made by other apps
  • Ability to see the Routing Table (Destination & Gateway)
  • Graphical Ping and Traceroute
  • Port Scanner for detection of closed, firewalled, and open ports
  • Whois
  • DNS Lookup
  • Internet Speed Tester
  • Network Information Grabber (Default gateway, external IP (v4 and v6), DNS server, HTTP proxy, Wifi network information such as SSID, BSSID, IP address, subnet mask , signal strength, etc.)
  • and many more...
Termius SSH client that works on Desktop and Mobile. Features (most only available for the "Premium"-Tier):
  • Modern UI.
  • Integrated SFTP, MOSH and TELNET Client.
  • Securely (End-To-End) Syncs Data Across All my Devices (Hosts/Groups, Connection and Command History)
  • Hosts can be sorted into groups, which in turn can have shared settings.
  • Artificial Autocomplete for mobile devices (Termius gathers commands from all my servers and provides suggestions while I type)
  • On Mobile: Fingerprint Unlockable
NordVPN Favored VPN Service Provider, available for every OS
Hue Used to control my Philipps-Hue Smart-Home Peripherals
Google Translate Most well-known Translator app., Features i love:
  • You can download "language-packs" for offline translation
  • It supports every language one can think off
  • You can live-translate the text-contents of an image. Awesome for translating from languages which don't use our alphabet and you don't know how to type it in.
Amazon Alexa Used to manage my Alexa Peripherals and to see who has asked what :D.
cleVVVer mobil Awesome App that calculate routes using my country's local buses/trains/trams (Vorarlberger Verkehrs Verbund) at a given time. It also takes into consideration if there are any disruptions or a connection can't be made because of Delays. By the way, there's also an web-application.
Offline Maps & Navigation The most well-rated, most-downloaded and most-feature-packed Navigational-Map that allows you to download the data of entire countries on your phone for offline usage. (In Google Maps you can only download a small set of even small regions!)

It has got all of the features that Google Maps also has - except (obviously) the syncing with a Google Maps Accounts' Activity/Points/Labels/Rating/... It even has got more features than Google. Features include:

  • Offline maps of all countries in the world, from TomTom and other providers
  • Free map updates several times a year
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation with precise directional information and spoken street names
  • Millions of Interesting Places (POI)
  • Real-time sharing of the route allows sharing your estimated time of arrival and current location on a map *
  • GPS navigation for pedestrians with walking direction and tourist attractions (POI)
  • Speed Alerts show you the current speed limit and speed limit changes on the way in front of you
  • The Dynamic Lane Assistant guides you in the right direction.
  • The Head-up Display (HUD) configures the navigation for more safety during night driving on the windshield of your car.
  • The Dashcam records the road in front of you and automatically saves the video in the event of an accident.
  • Real View Navigation is an augmented reality feature for an even better and safer driving experience
  • Easy parking with suggestions for parking and live info on prices and availability
  • Set up your fuel type and recharge at the best price with live fuel price information
  • Avoid parking tickets with warning about speed cameras

Banking + Shopping

Program Usage
Meine Hypo Mobile Banking App
Amazon Shop
Cineplexx App for the cinemas in my country.


Program Usage
Cisco Webex Teams Used in Combination with my companies Cisco VoIP-Phone Setup. (e.G: "To make/join a video call/conference from my mobile phone to one of our big Cisco Collaboration Endpoints in our meeting rooms) (Sadly we switched to ClickUp because of's Price and Price Scheme)
ClickUp Mobile App of the Project Managing Tool used by my current Company


Program Usage
Begleiter für Ihr Smartphone An App from Microsoft used in combination with an equivalent Microsoft-Store-App on my PC to overview my Notifications, take a look at my latest taken Pictures and view/send SMS
TeamViewer Mobile Version of TeamViewer, the most well-known remote-access software
Microsoft OneDrive Current in-use cloud-storage solution because i get it for free with my Office-365 subscription for up to 5 Accounts of which everyone can have their own 1TB of storage for their microsoft account.


Program Usage
Nova Launcher Favored Android Launcher with many configurable Options (Changes the UI and UX of the Homescreen)
MIUI 10 Pixel (Icon Pack)
OXYGEN (Icon Pack)
Pixel Pie (Icon Pack)

Music & Movies

Program Usage
Youtube Music Favored Music-Streaming Service with Options to download for offline-listening, enable/disable the video-view, play while phone is turned to standby and other things a music streaming service can.

I especially like its automatic music playlist generation (i.e. its algorithms) - 99,9% of the time I just click on one music video on the main page and good music comes out ;).

Audible The leading provider of audiobooks and radio plays in which you can also download your audio-titles for offline-usage and listen to them even when your phone is in "stand-by".
Bose Connect Used to change settings of my Bose headphone.
UE BOOM Used to manage by BOOM speaker. Functions include:
  • Turning on (and off) the speaker from afar / without needing to get to it (I really like this feature. It's one of the main reasons i use the app.)
  • Tweaking the Speakers' EQ Settings/Profiles (e.G: To boost the bass)
  • Connecting up multiple Speakers ("PartyUp")
  • To keep the software of the speaker up-to-date.


Program Usage
Chrome Favored Mobile Browser